4 months after (finally) getting a foodservice job, I seem to be marketable to more places. So much so that I landed a second job at the pizza place around the corner within 24 hours of applying. Yay! and wow, that was a whirlwind. Still wondering how that happened, and why I said I’d come in tomorrow when I was already supposed to be somewhere else… oops.

Family have tried to talk me out of this, but I feel really loyal to my first “real” job. They hired me when no one else would and kept me on even when I had trouble keeping up. I probably wouldn’t leave for quite a while unless forced by the imminent move to a new country. It’s definitely not the pay and since there is usually no company while I’m working, it’s not the coworkers, boss, or management either (who are awesome to geekery and beyond). I didn’t feel the same kind of loyalty at the places I interned, which were found for me by family or friends and involved mostly desk work. Anyone else have this reaction to a first job?

Maybe I just love foodservice. Aside from the intermittent creepy strangers. Is this a passing phase? Is four months too short a time to judge? Why is there such a stigma on foodservice work? Do most people who do it really hate it, or am I not hearing the whole story? Starting to really wonder about all this. I guess to get a really good salary you’d have to go into management, and that sounds… definitely less exciting. But for now, I’m going with the “I just like it and I don’t have enough time left in the U.S. to get far in any other job” defense. Pizza!

how to say this

Is creepiness in the eye of the beholder?

Going into the details would probably be unwise on a blog. But how far do you trust your gut when you work alone in a self-serve ice cream bar and there’s a (possibly perfectly innocent) customer that you just don’t like? When do you call the manager and ask her to get rid of him for you? Do you worry more about the Yelp status of your place of business or your own gut feeling of deep unease? Do you worry even more that if you get him kicked out, he’ll be even more scary because some nights you walk home from work and you JUST WON’T KNOW? Do you worry most that you’re totally overreacting and will be persecuting someone unreasonably?

And why, oh, why, oh, why do you feel the need to speak up and smile hard at this person even if your hands are shaking, because you grew up hearing over and over and over again that we are to “love our enemies” and in all previous situations that has translated into the extra-Biblical “be extra nice to the people you don’t like”?

Mostly: why me? Waah wah wah.

school ftw

Textspeak is a whole new language, don’t you think? It’s dreadful butchery of English, of course, and hugely annoying-but if you can spell it right… it might be less grating than some of the more common grammar/spelling errors I run across on a daily basis on the internet.

Thus, ftw. For the win.

For this very last university “research class” that started nearly a month ago (it’s been so long? Wow!) I have no papers. I have no homework. Instead, I’m doing data entry/analysis for a nutrition population research lab. It’s such a beautiful thing I nearly cried when I found out (this weekend). And if I just finish my required hours, I get a bachelor’s degree in August. Oh. Yes.

Apart from that little piece of brilliant news, life is good. The job at the yogurt shop has been nice (minus one decidedly unpleasant encounter, which prompted the unusual purchase of a quaint little book published in the 1990s entitled “Back Off”). We just got permission to cut back on some of the work we have to do to close the shop every night, which means I’m getting out maybe 20-30 minutes earlier than a couple weeks ago. Nice. See, it applies sometimes.

Korea plans are on hold at the moment-can’t apply until October, really should be finishing the teaching certificate but still looking for a place to do the required volunteer hours. If anyone reading this knows of an online/local opportunity, I. Am. All. Ears.

Quite a few 101 posts have been updated this month (may need to change the way I do that; it’s getting tiresome to do them all individually and THEN notice that to someone who isn’t digging through my 101-linked posts on a daily basis, it looks like I haven’t updated the blog in a month-!!). Will post formal updates for May and June soon. At any rate, thanks for sticking around and ttfn 😉

Life Gets In The Way

It really does. But I think procrastination and the availability of free and fairly legal entertainment is much, much more pushy than Life.

Since last year, I’ve seen the Doctor Who LWW Christmas special. I’ve cried over Terri, again. And found new fictions to deaden and remove the wear and tear of normality far from my life. I’ve done my best to love and also to forget everything about nutrition. And I only have one year of school left. Time to get back to work.

promises, promises

All right, I’ll have to stop commenting on how long it’s been since updates. That only reinforces the problem. Sorry about last month; school has obviously begun and homework (not to mention catching up on Hulu’s collection of One Piece) could not wait. That does not mean, however, that I can’t start writing again. (No one’s complaining yet!)

So here goes.

I’m a full-time nutrition student who also aims to work at least 10 hours every week, become a top-notch archer, protest abortion, pray more often, read more improving books, and organize a couple of major events this semester. I may be insane. That’s ok. But I have decided that since I have no time, YOU, dear blog audience of 0, will also receive whatever benefit I am able to wring from my first-class college education. For this month of October, I will be posting an article every weekday summarizing a class topic in hope that it helps me on the next few tests 😉 Most of this information will be easily verifiable from common knowledge internet sources (wikipedia, googling, etc.) but for kicks I will cite. Enjoy, and pray with me that this will get off the ground!

injuries and excuses

Well, sorry about that. It’s been half a week, hasn’t it?

Sooo tired lately. It’s all this summer heat-I’ve fallen and had minor injuries multiple times since the last post (hence difficulty typing, thus excuse for no posts), and it’s only getting worse. This is the kind of heat that lives in the ovens of the world and only comes out to terrorize innocent housewives or large tracts of land. Heat that nests in every pore of your skin within a single minute of walking out of an air-conditioned space. Living, shimmering heat you can see rising off the street and coming after you in hydra-headed waves. That’s assuming you can see at all, given the sun is about 50 times brighter than it has any right or reason to be. Ten minutes just sitting in this sun and the little beggar birdies around the trash cans get heatstroke. A few days of walking around in it for more than 10 minutes at a time and your common sense melts away, taking with it the general capacity for logical reasoning. After a month of that, the ability to physically balance while seated in a vehicle or walking down stairs also goes. General exhaustion sets in, bringing with it the feeling that things would be so much easier if you just gave up and stayed put, prone in the shade that won’t be there in an hour (a recipe for human lobster, btw). What comes next, you ask? I’ll let you know. Once my brain re-forms.

Productivity since last post: not much. Recuperating sprains tends against such ventures. I’ve relearned how to use a microfilm reader and danced my feet off, but that’s about it. Next up: research paper due tomorrow. Not my specialty, papers. Oh well.


Hullo, blog community!

I’m a young Christian attempting to overcome a nature all too prone to procrastination. This is the first in what I hope will become a long string of posts in a personal ‘rebelution’… I’m going to try to spend an hour learning to produce something for every single day in the coming year-instead of indulging the easy impulse of constant consumption. Pictures and music links forthcoming.

Today I learned how to set up a blog, and it took much more than an hour-far too long, actually. Themes are the fun part; there are some lovely ones out there. Coming up with names is also quite diverting. Here’s where this one came from:


The star-crowned cliffs seem hinged upon the sky,

The clouds are floating rags across them curled,

They open to us like the gates of God

Cloven in the last great wall of all the world.

I looked, and saw the valley of my soul

Where naked crests fight to achieve the skies,

Where no grain grows nor wine, no fruitful thing,

Only big words and starry blasphemies.

But you have clothed with mercy like a moss

The barren violence of its primal wars,

Sterile although they be and void of rule,

You know my shapeless crags have loved the stars.

How shall I thank you, O courageous heart,

That of this wasteful world you had no fear;

But bade it blossom in clear faith and sent

Your fair flower-feeding rivers: even as here

The peat burns brimming from their cups of stone

Glow brown and blood-red down the vast decline

As if Christ stood on yonder clouded peak

And turned its thousand waters into wine.

~G. K. Chesterton (Project Gutenberg version)