paper flowers

I love flowers. The incredible diversity of colour and shape among species, the funny old folk names, the scents… Rain Lily, Verbena, Mountain Pink, Mountain Laurel, Evening Primrose, Blue-Eyed Grass, Iris, Violet, Rose-my favourite. The aroma of a rose is tangible as a taste, its trademark spiral perfect in imprecision, and just try brushing a petal past your cheek-love at first touch. Nibble a clover stem to let the sweet sour wine drop sting your tongue, or the end of a honeysuckle for its fairy ambrosia, but save the rose to dry the petals and run tired fingers through all year long.
Anyway, real flowers are incredible. But I don’t want to knock the paper versions, either. Tissue paper attached to the end of pipe cleaners has an odd fusion of crayola and ethereal beauty, and origami can produce strangely lifelike geometric models. Today’s contribution: