75. Find 50 new songs or musical artists that I like listening to.

I listen to a lot of music, so 50 isn’t unreasonable. New means new to me or rediscovered. At least 10 of them have to be songs that aren’t entirely in English.

I’ve been experimenting with kpop lately… the music videos with dancing and costume changes are seriously impressive. But I get tired of not being able to understand so very quickly, and then the girls’ high voices or some plot point that got lost in translation involving race cars and a guy beating up his old girlfriend who’s also apparently a stalker start to get on my nerves.

So then I watch this.

This is a part of the lost in translation that I could get used to-guys actually dancing. In sync. With little hand motions and twirls. Of their own volition. And if the dancing is not enough to make my day, the ending never fails. Why a car?

Suggestions are welcome! I tend to like alternative rock/folk-Of Monsters and Men, Kate Rusby, Josh Garrels, The Wailin’ Jennys… and as a former choir nut anything with guys and girls singing harmony makes me way too happy. So if you know of anything obscure but good in those categories that’d be particularly nice. And of course, anything in a language not English, preferably with subtitles for us poor current monolinguals.

Progress: 17/50

Imagine Dragons

From Finner – Of Monsters and Men

Below My Feet – Mumford and Sons

Chameleon Circuit

Miriam Marston

I Will Wait For You – Us

World Spins Madly On – The Weepies (paired with mv Thought of You – Ryan Woodward)

Ours – Taylor Swift

Begin Again – Taylor Swift

Berlin – Piano Guys

Merry Ellen Kirk

The Walla Recovery

Flares – Rachel Wagner

Kina Grannis

Lindsey Stirling

Safe and Sound – The Civil Wars/Taylor Swift

This. This is beautiful.