Angola and Hundredth Post

As part of 101/1001, I decided to choose a different country to learn about and pray for every month. January 2013 was the Republic of Angola (a large-ish country a bit bigger than Texas and a bit smaller than Alaska on the southwest coast of Africa). I didn’t know anything about Angola before this month, so please forgive my naive and simplistic summaries-and feel free to correct anything that may be inaccurate in the comments section.

Recent history: Angola obtained independence from Portugal in 1975. The civil war following independence lasted until early this century and decimated the land, the people, and the animals. Disparate distribution of wealth means that a third of its people are considered poor by UN standards. This inequality is very clear between regions and within cities. There has been one man officially in power for over 30 years, though according to a new constitution in 2010 he will have to step down soon.

Religion: There are a lot of Christian missions to Angola. Religious persecution is apparently pretty low, but basic human rights violations and poverty are serious problems at the moment. I don’t know much about any of the Christian organizations working there so here are a few official news sources:

– Human Rights Watch on Angola

Save the Children in Angola

Sometimes I hate reading about human rights. It’s so hard to learn just how awful people are to each other and not be able to physically step in right there to stop it… For Angola, transparency seems to be important right now-the knowledge that the whole world is watching and they do need to follow the laws they’ve enacted and bring people who’ve abused their power to justice. Hope you continue to watch Angola with me.

Well, there was a dose of current events. In other news, this is starcrownedcliff’s one hundredth post (all these short 101/1001’s really make it easier to get those stats up 😉 ) I just updated my “About” page and will be adding a few other features soon. So thank you to my wonderful readers and it’s nice to finally meet you by name 😉