101 Update – May 2013

May was scary.

Finals. Last ever finals.

Then a new job.

Plus 101 Things.

– Finished exploring my square mile (with the best part: little shops!)

– Prayed for/learned about Afghanistan/role of women in middle east.

– Volunteered at a lovely festival in my home city that I’d not attended since babyhood.

– Found a job!!!!!

– Ongoing: Learned more Korean, read more OT and NT and books and articles, donated rice, handed out allergy packs, folded more cranes, and ordered henna.

So it wasn’t quite as many goals as I hoped (ever the procrastinator-a bunch of stuff ended up in early June instead!) but it was progress.

85. Get a foodservice job.

As a nutrition major, I really think not doing this at least once would be hypocritical. Besides the fact that I’ve always, always, always wanted a job involving food 🙂

Progress: Done!

So I applied to just about everything within walking distance of my house and school and finally found a frozen yogurt shop that would take me on this May. Maybe not the ideal thing for a nutrition major, but at this point I don’t really care: wooo hoo discounted ice cream!!! I am so in love with this job people are scared to talk to me about it for fear of the oozing sap!

101 Update – April 2013

April was a flurry of job searching and books and not much else.

– Applied to a giant bevy of foodservice jobs (goal #85)

– Found new music, donated more rice, read a lot of trash and a few good books, volunteered more Judo hours, folded cranes, watched tv, learned more Korean, and handed out allergy packages (people kept handing them back after using one tissue! Need to find a way to prevent that…).

Since we’re already halfway through May, I won’t add things for that. But hint, hint; I think I’ll finish more goals this month than any month so far! 🙂

Music – Us

So I’ve been working on Goal 75 lately…

I’d never heard of these singers til tonight-when their mashup of “Call Me Maybe” (of all things) caught my eye. For those of you who aren’t in the U.S. right now, that song plays on nearly all the radio stations and most of the stores. It passed beyond annoying half a year ago and now borders on hair-pullingly painful. Us’ version is actually tolerable. But “I Will Wait For You” (an original) is just lovely. Enjoy!

101 Update – March 2013

March! What happened? Because I certainly wasn’t posting here very often… 😉

– Updated previous posts with goal progress.

– Donated more rice, prayed on Terri’s Day for all those facing difficult end-of-life decisions, read a lot of trash and a few good books, volunteered more Judo hours, folded cranes, watched tv, found a Korean tutor

In April I want to conquer the laundry, finish university classes well, fold more cranes, start handing out allergy packages, get the iPod and the henna hair, and learn some more Korean.

Justice Hall – Laurie R. King

Hullo again! It’s been a while since I last posted, and I’ve been hard at work on my 101 books goal (nearly halfway done in under 3 months-perhaps it should have been 1001 books instead…). Here’s my latest Goodreads review:

I am of necessity an advocate for total immersion.

In books, that is.

This one was hard to read. I figured out a big surprise a little too early, for one thing-maybe I’d read too much of the description to be in doubt of the happy ending. For another, SPOILERS that “happy ending” involved a murder. Terry Pratchett’s version of the rough music, dressed up as justice. It was justice, stripped of mercy-it even echoed the major theme of Justice Hall and its ceiling’s roots in Amos. Tied up all the loose ends quite neatly by giving a murderer the death he’d given his victim and preventing him from killing again. That didn’t really matter. I just can’t see that as a good thing, a thing the men who did it should have done. For a third difficulty, how do you experience justice subverted to produce murder and not hate the situation that forced it on you? I came very near hating this book, because it gave me a taste of what trench warfare and execution of innocents might have felt like. Reading the boy’s diary, knowing what would be at the end? That was not a good half hour. END SPOILERS

I didn’t like the author’s lesbian/feminist preaching back when she introduced it early in the series, I didn’t like it here, and I really didn’t like the squishy theology. I didn’t like being forced while in a safe place to inhabit all the emotions of a horrible, helpless one.

Despite all this, I read to the end and gave it 4 stars for good story-telling.

Score: one for immersion.

101 Update – February 2013

February has been a bit disappointing this year. What happened:

– Completed #36 Have a birthday party (murder mystery with butterbeer!)

– Added new goals, prayed for North Korea, read a lot of trash and a few good books and lots of good articles, donated more rice, bought ingredients for allergy bags, received things necessary for iPod and henna tattoos, volunteered more Judo hours, folded cranes, watched tv, tried green tea ice cream with my cute little sis and her awesome roommate, and avoided a research paper and other homework. Really really hard.

In March I want to find help for any future research projects, conquer the laundry, finish up the TEFL course, fold more cranes, start handing out allergy packages, get the tattoo and the iPod, and learn some more Korean (some friends from church want to help-yay!).

1 week

Not much more than 1 week after posting the last goal, and I’m changing it. There’s that procrastinating waffler I know!

New Goal #84: Finish a research class.

As I may have mentioned once or twice before, I think formal research papers are the most evil homeworkian invention on the planet. They’re boring to read and even more boring to write. I simply can’t do this one in time to pass the class it’s being written for, so I’m having to drop this class and take another one. Over the summer. After the day I was supposed to graduate-no diploma until fall. Not fun-and that’s before you count the whole needing help thing.

Once the crying was over (and it’d better be over), I decided maybe this was good. I could definitely use some time right now to catch up on other classes-particularly TEFL. I was all set for some local ESL tutoring and really wanted a job this semester in a nursing home, to try out the nutrition field. And since I won’t get a diploma in time to go to South Korea in the fall, I can stick around with my family a bit longer. Watch the situation with North Korea. A friend in the military was of the opinion yesterday that the U.S. and the U.N. might start leaning on the DPRK soon. From what I’m reading in the news and books, it’s hard to think ill of that idea. I am not at all happy with the possibility of another war (particularly one where I might be drafted at the drop of a bill in Congress), but I’m also really not happy that there’s a government in the world today with a track record like this and this and this and this-not to mention the bomb testing that’s probably got everyone official on edge. When a country’s information exchange with the outside world is more tightly controlled than in one-child-policy China, you have to wonder if the stories that do get out are uncommon or just a tiny fraction of a gigantic human rights abuse situation. I’ve never been anywhere near North Korea and haven’t even paid much attention to it before now, so there’s no way I’m getting the whole picture. But what I see is pretty unpleasant. BTW, North Korea was my prayer country last month (see Goal #19).

Oooh, there was a tangent. I really do want to go teach English in South Korea, so I hope with all my selfish heart that the U.S. doesn’t end up at war in the far east in the next few years. But that is the main issue my extended family has brought up in trying to dissuade me from going. Thus and so.

This will hopefully be completed by the end of the summer. A lab at school opened up and sounds very interesting, one in which I won’t have to become the foremost expert on bean-meat patties in the U.S.

Progress: I’ve researched and applied-hopefully hearing back soon. I’m in! and I don’t have to write a single paper 🙂 Done!!!