4 months after (finally) getting a foodservice job, I seem to be marketable to more places. So much so that I landed a second job at the pizza place around the corner within 24 hours of applying. Yay! and wow, that was a whirlwind. Still wondering how that happened, and why I said I’d come in tomorrow when I was already supposed to be somewhere else… oops.

Family have tried to talk me out of this, but I feel really loyal to my first “real” job. They hired me when no one else would and kept me on even when I had trouble keeping up. I probably wouldn’t leave for quite a while unless forced by the imminent move to a new country. It’s definitely not the pay and since there is usually no company while I’m working, it’s not the coworkers, boss, or management either (who are awesome to geekery and beyond). I didn’t feel the same kind of loyalty at the places I interned, which were found for me by family or friends and involved mostly desk work.¬†Anyone else have this reaction to a first job?

Maybe I just love foodservice. Aside from the intermittent creepy strangers. Is this a passing phase? Is four months too short a time to judge? Why is there such a stigma on foodservice work? Do most people who do it really hate it, or am I not hearing the whole story? Starting to really wonder about all this. I guess to get a really good salary you’d have to go into management, and that sounds… definitely less exciting. But for now, I’m going with the “I just like it and I don’t have enough time left in the U.S. to get far in any other job” defense. Pizza!