how to say this

Is creepiness in the eye of the beholder?

Going into the details would probably be unwise on a blog. But how far do you trust your gut when you work alone in a self-serve ice cream bar and there’s a (possibly perfectly innocent) customer that you just don’t like? When do you call the manager and ask her to get rid of him for you? Do you worry more about the Yelp status of your place of business or your own gut feeling of deep unease? Do you worry even more that if you get him kicked out, he’ll be even more scary because some nights you walk home from work and you JUST WON’T KNOW? Do you worry most that you’re totally overreacting and will be persecuting someone unreasonably?

And why, oh, why, oh, why do you feel the need to speak up and smile hard at this person even if your hands are shaking, because you grew up hearing over and over and over again that we are to “love our enemies” and in all previous situations that has translated into the extra-Biblical “be extra nice to the people you don’t like”?

Mostly: why me? Waah wah wah.


Goodwill is awesome

I didn’t think they’d take the CD player with the exploded batteries. Or the broken earbuds. I thought those had to be taken all the way across town to hazardous waste. But no, Goodwill is just awesome like that.
Another goal half down (and I can see my closet floor!!!)