I’m not proud.

But sometimes, occasionally, even a nerd girl needs a Taylor Swift fix.

Or two.


101 Update – May 2013

May was scary.

Finals. Last ever finals.

Then a new job.

Plus 101 Things.

– Finished exploring my square mile (with the best part: little shops!)

– Prayed for/learned about Afghanistan/role of women in middle east.

– Volunteered at a lovely festival in my home city that I’d not attended since babyhood.

– Found a job!!!!!

– Ongoing: Learned more Korean, read more OT and NT and books and articles, donated rice, handed out allergy packs, folded more cranes, and ordered henna.

So it wasn’t quite as many goals as I hoped (ever the procrastinator-a bunch of stuff ended up in early June instead!) but it was progress.