school ftw

Textspeak is a whole new language, don’t you think? It’s dreadful butchery of English, of course, and hugely annoying-but if you can spell it right… it might be less grating than some of the more common grammar/spelling errors I run across on a daily basis on the internet.

Thus, ftw. For the win.

For this very last university “research class” that started nearly a month ago (it’s been so long? Wow!) I have no papers. I have no homework. Instead, I’m doing data entry/analysis for a nutrition population research lab. It’s such a beautiful thing I nearly cried when I found out (this weekend). And if I just finish my required hours, I get a bachelor’s degree in August. Oh. Yes.

Apart from that little piece of brilliant news, life is good. The job at the yogurt shop has been nice (minus one decidedly unpleasant encounter, which prompted the unusual purchase of a quaint little book published in the 1990s entitled “Back Off”). We just got permission to cut back on some of the work we have to do to close the shop every night, which means I’m getting out maybe 20-30 minutes earlier than a couple weeks ago. Nice. See, it applies sometimes.

Korea plans are on hold at the moment-can’t apply until October, really should be finishing the teaching certificate but still looking for a place to do the required volunteer hours. If anyone reading this knows of an online/local opportunity, I. Am. All. Ears.

Quite a few 101 posts have been updated this month (may need to change the way I do that; it’s getting tiresome to do them all individually and THEN notice that to someone who isn’t digging through my 101-linked posts on a daily basis, it looks like I haven’t updated the blog in a month-!!). Will post formal updates for May and June soon. At any rate, thanks for sticking around and ttfn 😉


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