Music – Thought of You

Goal 75 again! This was a song I liked (World Spins Madly On, by The Weepies), but I’d overlooked its music video. The pairing is really lovely. Thanks sis 🙂


101 Update – April 2013

April was a flurry of job searching and books and not much else.

– Applied to a giant bevy of foodservice jobs (goal #85)

– Found new music, donated more rice, read a lot of trash and a few good books, volunteered more Judo hours, folded cranes, watched tv, learned more Korean, and handed out allergy packages (people kept handing them back after using one tissue! Need to find a way to prevent that…).

Since we’re already halfway through May, I won’t add things for that. But hint, hint; I think I’ll finish more goals this month than any month so far! 🙂