Music – Us

So I’ve been working on Goal 75 lately…

I’d never heard of these singers til tonight-when their mashup of “Call Me Maybe” (of all things) caught my eye. For those of you who aren’t in the U.S. right now, that song plays on nearly all the radio stations and most of the stores. It passed beyond annoying half a year ago and now borders on hair-pullingly painful. Us’ version is actually tolerable. But “I Will Wait For You” (an original) is just lovely. Enjoy!


101 Update – March 2013

March! What happened? Because I certainly wasn’t posting here very often… 😉

– Updated previous posts with goal progress.

– Donated more rice, prayed on Terri’s Day for all those facing difficult end-of-life decisions, read a lot of trash and a few good books, volunteered more Judo hours, folded cranes, watched tv, found a Korean tutor

In April I want to conquer the laundry, finish university classes well, fold more cranes, start handing out allergy packages, get the iPod and the henna hair, and learn some more Korean.