101 Update – February 2013

February has been a bit disappointing this year. What happened:

– Completed #36 Have a birthday party (murder mystery with butterbeer!)

– Added new goals, prayed for North Korea, read a lot of trash and a few good books and lots of good articles, donated more rice, bought ingredients for allergy bags, received things necessary for iPod and henna tattoos, volunteered more Judo hours, folded cranes, watched tv, tried green tea ice cream with my cute little sis and her awesome roommate, and avoided a research paper and other homework. Really really hard.

In March I want to find help for any future research projects, conquer the laundry, finish up the TEFL course, fold more cranes, start handing out allergy packages, get the tattoo and the iPod, and learn some more Korean (some friends from church want to help-yay!).


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