Lesson planning

“I can tell that we are gonna be friends…” not. Umm, this is one of the hardest things I’ve ever tried. Teachers do more homework than their students.

Crafting a decent lesson plan wasn’t nearly so difficult for nutrition classes as for English. Granted, the lesson planning assignments for my TEFL course have been way more nebulous and we had no actual audience to practice on, while we knew at least the age and community of the kids for the nutrition presentation and had a specific topic. And they’re generally 3x longer. Ouch. But we’re learning so many cool things about how people process information and how to make lessons relevant and vary class activities!

Here are a very few of the best tips so far:

– Tradition does not have to dictate classroom tactics. Change up the seating arrangement if you want.

– Tradition is tradition for a reason. Make sure you think out the implications of changing the seating arrangement.

– Language learning is moving from rote memorization and grammar nazism to focus on spoken fluency. Don’t be behind the curve.

– Make sure you’re not the only one talking in the classroom. Make your students talk so that they can feel comfortable using the language in real time.

– Always Be Prepared. Ok, ok, that was the Boy Scout motto. But it works.


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