82. Dye my hair ginger.

Always wanted to be ginger. Even before Doctor Who made it cool.

Currently my hair is shortish and mouse-brown. I thought of dyeing it last year, but was talked out of it by Mum and Aunt. Not that they disapproved out of hand-they just let me know that it was an arduous process and would have to be repeated and I’d have to do it all by myself and it can be toxic and I’d have to pay for it over and over again and I would look good in this colour but not that colour and if I didn’t like the colour it would be impossible to get rid of… It was just a bit hard to get motivated after that pep talk.

So maybe I’ll go with henna or something really drastic, just to make sure I won’t chicken out. Don’t know when-henna will probably be difficult to find in Korea and apparently the roots need periodic re-application. Anyone know about hair dyes in Korea???

Progress: Henna purchased and on its way to my door at the end of May 2013-no more chickening out!


Before – contemplating my brain



Yes, it really is that red. Despite the lighting. The henna I used was from Henna Sooq and was actually pretty easy to work with. It came with free gloves and was easy to rinse out with no big clumps stuck in hair or noticeable staining of hairline/ears even though I didn’t use a protective oil (a lot of people who’ve posted their henna process online vaseline these areas to ensure they don’t look like zombies the next day…). There was way too much in a 100 g packet, so I was able to use the leftovers for tattoos (2 goals in 1!!). Two problems: I don’t know if I really got it all out since the water is still dripping light orange 3 washes later, and my hair seems a bit limper/softer/less curly. May be able to fix that last with a cut.


One thought on “82. Dye my hair ginger.

  1. I know LUSH in Korea does not carry Henna. I did once use a hair dye in Korea that said it was ‘henna’ and it didn’t smell too chemically, but I’m not sure how much real henna was in it. But there are tons of hair shops as well as home dye kits to be found in Korea.

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