80. Make butterbeer.

This recipe sounds awesome. I really need to practice with the candy thermometer, though-that sugar stuff is finicky. Anyone have experience making this? Tips? I’ll try to post mine when this is done.

As a side note, the blogger from the link above (Colleen) has created what looks like an awesome homemade Harry Potter murder mystery dinner party script and elaborate deco, etc. Might have to add hosting another murder mystery to the list (my best friend and I are planning one for our birthdays already, but this one looks fun too. Maybe in the summer for something to do…)

Progress: Done!


5 thoughts on “80. Make butterbeer.

    • I couldn’t wait and tried it today-it worked really well! Posted my “recipe” 😉

      Have you tried making it before? Any thoughts or improvements? The recipe in the link above took a surprisingly short amount of time… definitely a keeper, but might not be ready to come to parties yet haha

      • I have not made it, the idea of making anything where I have to use a candy thermometer scares me, so you are very brave. It looked really good, plus anything with tons of whipped cream can’t be bad!

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