79. Try 5 new flavours of ice cream.

… I don’t want to be that girl who walks by the brownie with Guinness ice cream for the same old hipster coffeeshop next door anymore. Just another part of getting out and doing new things.

Progress: 5/5 DONE!

1. Green tea ice cream from a Japanese-American restaurant. I couldn’t really taste the green tea over the chocolate sauce, whipped cream, and maraschino cherry they drowned it in, so next time it’d be good to find it without all the toppings-but it certainly didn’t taste bad 🙂

2. Going to cheat here and use the frozen yogurt from my job: dulce de leche. The. Best. Ever.

3. Giving up and accepting that the rest of these will be frozen yogurt. Ice cream tastes too fatty/rich/sweet now. It’s so not sad that I eat dessert practically every day now… Toffee/chocolate mix with heath bar and mochi. Is. Dangerous.

4. Watermelon sorbet. Not bad, not my favourite. Guess I like the richer, less fruity ones.

5. Toasted Marshmallow was weird. Mainly because the manufacturers succeeded in making it taste toasted, which is just plain however you look at it strange in a frozen dessert. But there you go.


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