I think I’ve mentioned university classes at some point. We started back up again this week, and this is the result:

The Monkey Flower

I do love my nutrition degree in the main, but there are some classes that are a little bit hard to get through. About 1/3 of the way into this morning’s 8 AM I noticed an absolutely adorable little monkey in the purse of the girl next to me. Instant inspiration. This notecard is the story of The Monkey and His Girl. Written in script so tiny that I will never be able to decipher it and in the shape of some sort of fantastic flower that didn’t quite get finished plus a full-on double bird shape that now that I think about it looks more like a W than anything else. But there you go.

Oh, that story! He fell out of the purse and had an adventure with some apparently friendly rats, but she got sick and he knew he had to come back. Then the rats became a little too friendly and tried to kidnap him. It was a tricky escape. And lest you think that I paid no attention whatsoever to the lecture, I now understand that my teacher thinks the “Two Factor Theory of Herzberg” *might* need a little revision (I don’t really think it matters if you call them hygiene factors or motivators as long as you know how to use them) and “There is a job for you in the food service industry!”

Good to know.


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