74. Watch 30 foreign language films or tv shows.

Entire tv shows. Like, seasons’ worth. Don’t imagine this will be difficult-the problem may be more with watching more than 30. Kdrama and anime are awesome. On the other hand, the only English language shows I watch are Doctor Who and Sherlock (wow, I must be some kind of snob when it comes to American tv), so it kinda balances out. This works out to be about one show/movie per month.


Progress: 16/30

Level E (for the love of sanity skip episode 4)

Detective Conan – The Eleventh Striker (DCTP, the volunteer fan group that translates DC into English, came to an agreement with whatever legal body was pursuing them and are stopping translation of the anime after this movie. I would be willing to create a lobby group and pretty much beg for publication in America if I knew where to go-nearly 700 episodes and it’s still good. Of course, this is coming from the girl who got hooked on Nancy Drew, then the Hardy Boys, then Agatha Christie, then Sherlock Holmes, and is still surprised by almost every mystery she reads. Might be in a minority here 😉 )

Quick (After the bloopers from this, I don’t know how Americans can still be considered more Rambo than Koreans. Both legs in a cast…)

Arakawa Under the Bridge (Goofy, but likeable. Seems like it tries to be deep every once in a while only to go back and poke fun at itself… or it’s just so deep I don’t get it. There’s a somewhat heavy-handed message about diversity being good. Maybe I’d need to be Japanese to think that was necessary-it’s preaching to the off-key hyper-enthused choir in America.)

Queen and I (so sweet! I love happy endings 🙂 )

Black Jack and BJ 21 (just read the awesomeness for yourself)

[C] – Control (confused. Completely and utterly confused. Except that we shouldn’t gamble with our kids’ futures…?)

Eden of the East (mistake. I was going to leave this one off, but in the interest of being honest… when hulu asks for your age, they mean it. The parts that weren’t crass were pretty cute, but the parts that were made up for that by being manifold and blatant. They weren’t necessary to the story-which was itself odd and interesting in the way of [C]. But they were present at an estimated rate of at least 1/episode and kinda ruined it for me.)

Level 7 Civil Servant (cute, but like most happy-ending kdrama… whut? The evil dude got promoted? The guy who made his friends leave kids to die and orchestrated the murder of bunches of other people? Not really seeing any big character changes here-the good guys stayed good and the bad guys stayed ambiguous. And my favourite character turned out to be a double traitor due to his innate integrity. Poor guy. He was so dense.)

Log Horizon (the players in an online game get trapped in the game, and it becomes reality. They then must learn to deal with a new reality in which no one can truly die and there seems to be no purpose to life-but wait, we just have to make new reasons for living. And wear glasses. And ride griffons. And be generally awesome.)

Naruto Shippuden (moving this from in-progress because I’m keeping up with it and a year of one episode per week has got to count for more than a season’s worth of watching.)

One Piece (ditto Shippuden)

Kimi Ni Todoke (ditto OP)

My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU (cannot. stop. laughing. apparently infected Sister as well… mwahahaha 🙂 )

Ranma 1/2 (I’m so sorry. Do not even think about trying this. I’m positive it was super-risque for the 80s, and while it doesn’t bother me as much as it should… it probably should. But it makes me laugh way too hard.)

Doctor Who (ditto Kimi Ni Todoke. And… No More. Gallifrey Falls. Yes, I do still have my 3D  glasses.)

In progress anime: Silver Spoon, Golden Time, Natsume’s Book of Friends

In progress kdrama: Secret Garden, Hong Gil Dong, To the Beautiful You, Queen’s Class, I Hear Your Voice, Pasta, Who Are You

In progress other: Line of Duty, Sherlock


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