60. Fold a thousand cranes.

I’d bet that most people who are into origami want to try this at some point. I’ve tried a couple times in the past few years, and it isn’t easy. But at a little over 1/day maybe I can do it this time.

Progress: 31/1000

Stories: Crane #30A red-with-white-streaks had an interesting life. It was folded while on a babysitting job, with an inquisitive and adorable 6-year-old looking on. It was origami waterbombed by said 6-year-old. It watched its fellows gain beautiful eyes and noses at the hands of said 6-year-old. I like to think it will treasure those memories forever. The next week its creator’s bus driver was being bullied by one of her passengers and crane #30A departed the fold to cheer her up, never to return. 30B was also white-with-red-streaks, in her honor.

That bus driver had one of the biggest, most gorgeous smiles I’ve ever seen.


One thought on “60. Fold a thousand cranes.

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