57. Finish all my hemming projects.

Sewing is one of those things that makes you feel so accomplished and ladylike in a strong frugal pioneer woman way… until you look down and see that the hem is an inch lower in the front than the back of that pretty new skirt. Ugh. So I have a large basket full of sewing projects, over half of them due to combinations of “oh that looks so cute on you” and what my lying driver’s license refers to as 5’4″. It’s an inherited lie; my grandmother’s says 5’2″. Well, this’ll be done when that basket is empty.

Progress: 2/10?

April 2013: My favourite pair of hand-me-down interview pants is again wearable! So long as no one takes a magnifying glass to the ankles…

July 2013: A pair of lovely Ann Taylor pants with intact tags (marked down to 5$ heheheh) are now wearable! Again, no inspecting the ankles. And who comes up with this dry clean only rule, anyway?


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