50. Make 10 microloans.

I never really thought I would be able to do this for real. I just didn’t think I’d have the money to help out a nonprofit financially-always thought the volunteer route would be best. But after seeing this on a few other lists… Your loan can be as little as 10$? Have to try it out.

Update: I’m not sure where the blogger I got that $10 statistic from did her lending, but it was a couple years ago. Most of the agencies I’ve researched have a minimum loan of $25. That’s still tiny, and I still think the concept is brilliant. You can read more about it on the Kiva and World Vision websites, but the basic concept is that you pick a single person you want to loan money to and they use that loan to start or keep up their current business.

One of the problems with this is that the size of the loans means they can only fund small or first-time entrepreneurs, who are usually unable to create jobs for other people in their community. There’s also debate about microfinance effectiveness.

But I’ve always been told that the difference between giving and loaning money can be a person’s dignity-if I trust you enough to pay me back the money I’m loaning you, that trust is motivation for you and carries with it the possibility of more loans in the future. One-time donations always seemed to be more of a pat on the head, oh-we-feel-sorry-for-your-barefoot-kids kind of thing. And honestly, maybe I believe it just because I don’t respond well to pity. But enough with the heavy stuff. This minimum donation level means I’ll have to lend $250 over the next couple years to reach this goal. Sounds doable!

Progress: research, making money


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