48. Donate 1 million grains of rice.

Another steal from Colleen (if she weren’t so nice, I’d be really worried about copyrights right about now 😉 ). I tend to be skeptical of charities like freerice.com and wasn’t sure how helpful it would be in ending world hunger, but then what am I doing right now to help end world hunger? Nothing. Nada. Actually, nil. At least this appears to do no harm and will make me think about it a little more. As a nutrition major, this is one thing that I’d like to say is more than important to me.

Progress: The website has a counter that tells you how many grains of rice you’ve “donated” by answering questions correctly. My total as of 3-25-2013 is 15,040/1,000,000 and my name is starcrownedcliffs if you want to team up 🙂


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