47. List 101 things I’m grateful for.

I like life. I even like my life. It’s easy, gentle, smooth, with almost no conflict outside of what I create for myself. But there are so many things I take for granted, like my health and my stuff and my geekdoms, that I want to remember and be thankful for. This list will be one of those things that stays on this post, and I’ll try to have links or pictures for most of it. Some will be funny and some will be heartbreaking and some will be just simply nerdy.

Progress: 7/101

G. K. Chesterton

~ Quidditch

~ My best friend, and the way we can still stay up half the night giggling and writing and not even notice the hours pass.

~ Baking soda

~ Green tea ice cream

~ Doctor Who

~ Bus drivers with big smiles


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