36. Have a birthday party.

Sob story! I spent my last birthday lunch alone in a restaurant with bad service and worse food, journaling (a very depressing activity at the time). That is not going to happen again.

Update: This year I am having a double birthday with my best friend and we are plotting a murder mystery. Any ideas for how Batman can do in Bilbo?

Progress: planning phase Completed!

Post-party update: Batman did not kill anyone. She (yeah, the guy assigned to Batman didn’t show up so Miss Marple sort of… morphed) was a bit too worried about the mini-quiches burning to do anything other than die quickly and semi-dramatically. Gollum, however, managed to stay in character for an entire hour-complete with hopping around on the floor and using “the voice”. Good job, little sis!


3 thoughts on “36. Have a birthday party.

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