35. Drink tea every day for a month.

I love tea!

All right, funny story from day #4: it was raining and drizzling and misting and I had a babysitting job to get to. I realized a little bit later than optimal that I should probably consider that bad weather and leave early. So I leaped from the couch directly into the kitchen, pressed the button on the brilliant gift of a water boiler my parents got me last Christmas, and sped from there to my room to dump everything out of my bag and repack it with babysitting gizmos (I am Mary Poppins and they love me for it!). In the middle of the packing process, I somehow ended up back in the kitchen and noticed the light was off my water boiler button. This generally means the water is done boiling. I poured it into my special mug (*groan* I fell for one of those mugs made with special clay from China that keeps the taste of your tea so that after enough brewings you don’t even need the tea leaves anymore-it works but I always end up drinking clay with the dregs ;-p) and dashed back to packing. I grabbed my mug on the way out the door and made it all the way to the job in the rain before taking a sip. It wasn’t tea. I still drank (half of) it and thus it counts for this goal. But I won’t be doing that again.

Moral of the story: make sure your special magical hot water pitcher is plugged in before pouring the water into your special mug. Otherwise, you end up drinking mud.

See the magic glowing light!

See the magical glowing light!

Progress: Skipped a few days in the middle, but this is definitely done!


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