2. Move to Korea.

I graduate from university this year. After graduation, I want to move to Korea and teach English. I know, I know, nothing to do with nutrition. But everything to do with getting out of the U.S. bubble and experiencing the world. Kdrama and kpop had nothing to do with this decision, promise! 😉

This will be done when I have a job and have moved into an apartment in Korea.

Progress: research phase


2 thoughts on “2. Move to Korea.

  1. It’s a huge adventure, and I highly recommend taking the plunge! Good Luck! Also, I love just about everything on your list (except the fish oil does scare me)!

    • Thanks for the encouragement! I am really excited about it, especially after reading your blog 🙂 It’s really been just a lot of research for the last few months, but I’m starting to feel it getting closer every day now with the resume writing and urgent need to photograph everything. It’s really happening! Yes!!!

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