15. Explore my square mile.

A steal from Colleen, who also inspired the style for this 101 list (“inspired” is a much nicer way to put it than “blatantly copied,” don’t you think?) This will be done when I have determined and walked the boundaries of a square mile around every place I live in the next 1001 days. It would be really interesting to be as familiar with each new place as I am with where I live now (a little over a mile from a public library heheh).

Progress: Done?

Update (6-1-2013) This is difficult. Anyone know of a way to find out square mileage around a specific location without guesstimating from google maps??? I have walked a mile from my house in 3 directions, but haven’t… circumnavigated it consciously, and there’s a highway in the way on the other side. So I think this one’s going to count as done. Until I move šŸ˜‰


One thought on “15. Explore my square mile.

  1. Inspire anything you like from my blog, I was similarly inspired by others!! Good luck with your list, you’ve got some great stuff on here – I’m going to steal a couple for my round 2 of 101 Things šŸ™‚

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