the family meal

Because food is such a tradition in my own religion, I feel I must digress here and add in a bit from my ‘other’ education: “Because the Gospels describe the Last Supper as a Passover meal, we tend to forget that it was also a meal. Eating and the etiquette of the table were deeply significant in ordinary Jewish life, and textured with religious meaning. Among Jews in Jesus’ day, who you ate with was as important as what you ate and how you ate. Since eating was an act of fellowship and acceptance, to eat with sinners was to accept them as friends and companions (Mk 2:15-16).” (~Leonard J. Vander Zee, Christ, Baptism, and the Lord’s Supper) Theologically, Jesus is the bread of life. In the special meal we at my church call The Lord’s Supper, we invite all who have professed belief in Christ and been baptized to eat with us, no matter what sin we’re each struggling with. That’s because in eating this bread and wine, we become a part of a family that spans the world and the centuries. Its purpose is not to discipline, but to unite. Maybe that’s what attracted me to the study of nutrition.


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