citation styles

I’m experimenting with NoodleBib tonight. It’s working, but oddly. Some things just don’t seem to do as well as others.

Douglas, L. C., PhD, RD., & Sanders, M. E., PhD. (2008, March). Probiotics and
Prebiotics in Dietetics Practice. Journal of the AMERICAN DIETETIC 
ASSOCIATION, 108(3), 510-521.

Flier, J. S., & Mekalanos, J. J. (2009). Gut Check: Testing a Role for the
Intestinal Microbiome in Human Obesity. Science Translational Medicine, 
1(6), 6ps7.

Wu, G. & Lewis, J. Science 334 no. 6052 (2011); Published online September 1, 2011 (10.1126/science.1208344).

Schardt, D. (2006, December). Helpful Bacteria: Should you take probiotics?
Nutrition Action Healthletter, 7-9.


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