promises, promises

All right, I’ll have to stop commenting on how long it’s been since updates. That only reinforces the problem. Sorry about last month; school has obviously begun and homework (not to mention catching up on Hulu’s collection of One Piece) could not wait. That does not mean, however, that I can’t start writing again. (No one’s complaining yet!)

So here goes.

I’m a full-time nutrition student who also aims to work at least 10 hours every week, become a top-notch archer, protest abortion, pray more often, read more improving books, and organize a couple of major events this semester. I may be insane. That’s ok. But I have decided that since I have no time, YOU, dear blog audience of 0, will also receive whatever benefit I am able to wring from my first-class college education. For this month of October, I will be posting an article every weekday summarizing a class topic in hope that it helps me on the next few tests 😉 Most of this information will be easily verifiable from common knowledge internet sources (wikipedia, googling, etc.) but for kicks I will cite. Enjoy, and pray with me that this will get off the ground!


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