I’ve been experimenting with cutting back on internet usage lately. What a quiet week.

There’s nothing like actually finishing your part of a three-person school project early, the day you said you’d do it. And finding time to read library books, or write grandparents, or set up a prayer chain for a former roommate, or clear out space-hogging clutter. The recycling bin gives out very satisfying clunks as it digests your reams of outdated school papers… and unsubscribing from spam feels like dropping another ten pounds into that hungry mouth. You know, it’s just been peaches and cream and chocolate, really. I’m still procrastinating on something major-but hopefully with all this motivation (no internet access) I’ll be able to finish that soon too. Oh, and actually having time to volunteer at church? Priceless.

In all the library surfing, I ran across some great new resources on travel. Scotland is my lifelong dream-fell in love the day I picked up (and probably finished) The Scottish Chiefs. Unfortunately, dreams and money don’t always match up (especially on an aspiring teacher’s salary). Or so I thought. Some people actually make it happen: Chris Guillebeau set himself the goal of traveling to every country in the world by the time he turns 35. He’s self-employed. Thirty-one countries and two years to go. I am suddenly inspired to home-make all my lunches and set up a new savings account. Well, if I ever do buy that ticket, I’ll know what to pack. Ha. Ha. Ha. Just one bag…


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