injuries and excuses

Well, sorry about that. It’s been half a week, hasn’t it?

Sooo tired lately. It’s all this summer heat-I’ve fallen and had minor injuries multiple times since the last post (hence difficulty typing, thus excuse for no posts), and it’s only getting worse. This is the kind of heat that lives in the ovens of the world and only comes out to terrorize innocent housewives or large tracts of land. Heat that nests in every pore of your skin within a single minute of walking out of an air-conditioned space. Living, shimmering heat you can see rising off the street and coming after you in hydra-headed waves. That’s assuming you can see at all, given the sun is about 50 times brighter than it has any right or reason to be. Ten minutes just sitting in this sun and the little beggar birdies around the trash cans get heatstroke. A few days of walking around in it for more than 10 minutes at a time and your common sense melts away, taking with it the general capacity for logical reasoning. After a month of that, the ability to physically balance while seated in a vehicle or walking down stairs also goes. General exhaustion sets in, bringing with it the feeling that things would be so much easier if you just gave up and stayed put, prone in the shade that won’t be there in an hour (a recipe for human lobster, btw). What comes next, you ask? I’ll let you know. Once my brain re-forms.

Productivity since last post: not much. Recuperating sprains tends against such ventures. I’ve relearned how to use a microfilm reader and danced my feet off, but that’s about it. Next up: research paper due tomorrow. Not my specialty, papers. Oh well.


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