Hullo, blog community!

I’m a young Christian attempting to overcome a nature all too prone to procrastination. This is the first in what I hope will become a long string of posts in a personal ‘rebelution’… I’m going to try to spend an hour learning to produce something for every single day in the coming year-instead of indulging the easy impulse of constant consumption. Pictures and music links forthcoming.

Today I learned how to set up a blog, and it took much more than an hour-far too long, actually. Themes are the fun part; there are some lovely ones out there. Coming up with names is also quite diverting. Here’s where this one came from:


The star-crowned cliffs seem hinged upon the sky,

The clouds are floating rags across them curled,

They open to us like the gates of God

Cloven in the last great wall of all the world.

I looked, and saw the valley of my soul

Where naked crests fight to achieve the skies,

Where no grain grows nor wine, no fruitful thing,

Only big words and starry blasphemies.

But you have clothed with mercy like a moss

The barren violence of its primal wars,

Sterile although they be and void of rule,

You know my shapeless crags have loved the stars.

How shall I thank you, O courageous heart,

That of this wasteful world you had no fear;

But bade it blossom in clear faith and sent

Your fair flower-feeding rivers: even as here

The peat burns brimming from their cups of stone

Glow brown and blood-red down the vast decline

As if Christ stood on yonder clouded peak

And turned its thousand waters into wine.

~G. K. Chesterton (Project Gutenberg version)


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